Restoring, Refubishing, and Rebuilding Randall 1911s.

The Randall Project is bringing “the only stainless .45 fit for duty” back to life…one pistol at a time!

The example above is of a Randall LeMay which was purchased from an online auction.  The pistol was used and abused with many scratches and mechanical problems.  It had the wrong slide stop, thumb safety, gip safety, recoil spring, and a generic magazine.  As you can see, the restoration came out really nice.

We are committed to the restoration (as close as possible) for the full line of Randall 1911s. With over 24 models in 12 variations and three different calibers, the vast number of options and changes is dramatic. But, with patience and expertise, we are helping to restore the Randall 1911 legacy.

Our process is fairly simple…but not easy. First and foremost, we are dedicated to not altering the fit and finish of the pistol. We are primarily focused on the resurfacing the pistols (re-blasting & scratch removal), replacing worn or damaged components (for example springs & worn barrel bushings), and replacing non-Randall or non-period correct components such as safeties and grip panels.

With all of our projects, we are hyper focused on the best possible
restoration outcome. The final result is often as close to factory as possible,
but we recognize given the scarcity of parts and the wear and tear of 40 years,
there will always be imperfections.

If you happen to have Randall components, such as safeties, grips, triggers,
slides, frames, hammers, and the like, please contact us as we’re always
willing to make an offer to purchase these components and
incorporate them into our projects.

Check out examples of our work and please contact us with any

~ The Randall Project Team