We are always looking for Randall and period correct parts.

The Randall Firearms Company officially stopped production on December 15, 1984, and closed its doors on May 15, 1985. With its closing, all production was stopped, all assets were sold, and the company ceased to exist.

We are always looking for Randall parts. This can include slide stops, thumb safeties, grip safeties, main spring housings, slides, frames, grip panels, hammers, triggers, magazines, etc…

It’s widely believed that Randall 1911s were government models, commander models, the rarest of all the LeMay – which was a officer frame with a commander upper. The truth is that this is generally correct, but when the Randalls were being produced, there was a great deal of “fitting” at the factory and many parts were modified for the specific pistol.

So, we’re constantly seeking Randall parts and are willing to pay a reasonable price for them.

If you have parts that you are interested in selling to The Randall Project, please contact us and provide a picture, we’re happy to make you an offer.

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