A passion for the restoration of Randall 1911s

We do offer restored Randall 1911s from time to time. If we are offering restored Randalls, we’ll post them here and on Gunbroker. Check back or contact us to inquire about restored Randalls.

The Randall Project Randall 1911s for sale:

  • Randall LeMay (coming soon). This is a unique pistol. The slide was “double roll” stamped at the plant and has original and unique Millett dual crimp system front post.

We provide restoration services of Randall and other stainless steel 1911s. If you’d like to inquire about restoring your Randall 1911 (or other stainless steel 1911s), contact us and we’ll provide you with a quote. In general, the price starts at $300 (for general resurfacing) and goes up depending on what you’d like done to your Randall. There are additional fees for FFL transfer and shipping.

Restoring Randall 1911s is challenge. Depending on the current condition of the pistol, it can take a few weeks to months to find the right parts, re-finish the surfaces, re-fit components, and ensure functionality.

The resurfacing of pistol is a manual process. Each component, slide, and frame is hand re-surfaced and finished to produce the best possible result. This includes bead-blasting components, hand sanding, hand polishing, and then re-fitting the pistol to a near new condition.

But, we’re not miracle workers. There are some parts that are simply not available, some scratches that can’t be fully removed, and other issues with 40 + year old pistols.

The goal is really simple…find authentic parts or find period correct parts (made in the late 70’s through mid-80’s), refinish all surfaces, replace worn springs (when needed), and test the pistol using “dry fire” rounds that are weighted correctly to ensure proper function of the pistol.

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