Randall 1911 LeMay with Randall Rug

A passion for the restoration of Randall 1911s

Randall 1911 LeMay, restored and includes original Randall gun-rug which were shipped with all LeMays and original LeMay magazine.

This pistol was purchased by The Randall Project a year ago. The pistol has been maticulously restored as best as possible.

This Randall Curtis LeMay 1911 is for sale on Gun Broker: Randall 1911 Curtis LeMay Restored

This Randall 1911 LeMay was missing multiple original parts and was in need of some serious work to bring it back to its near original condition.  The over-all condition of the bead blasting and smooth areas showed the years of abuse and the grip panels we seriously weathered.

Through extensive restoration, this LeMay is a fine example of the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the General Curtis LeMay 1911. 

This Randall Curtis LeMay 1911 comes with marketing upgrades such as extended grip safety, extended thumb safety, extended slide stop, and an extremely RARE Randall Lemay Gun-Rug.

So, this is truly a beautiful Randall 1911 LeMay.

Restoring Randall 1911s is challenge. Depending on the current condition of the pistol, it can take a few weeks to months to find the right parts, re-finish the surfaces, re-fit components, and ensure functionality.

The resurfacing of pistol is a manual process. Each component, slide, and frame is hand re-surfaced and finished to produce the best possible result. This includes bead-blasting components, hand sanding, hand polishing, and then re-fitting the pistol to a near new condition.

The goal is really simple…find authentic parts or find period correct parts (made in the late 70’s through mid-80’s), refinish all surfaces, replace worn springs (when needed), and test the pistol using “dry fire” rounds that are weighted correctly to ensure proper function of the pistol.

This pistol was live fired with one 6 round magazine of 230 gr 45 ACP. It was then cleaned and stored.

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